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Enfield Child Support Lawyer

At The Law Office of Alyssa S. Pershan, LLC, we know that matters involving your children are highly sensitive and of the greatest importance during your divorce. Backed by more than a decade of legal experience, Attorney Pershan helps clients understand their rights and options regarding issues of child custody, visitation and child support.

Issues Involving Your Children During Your Divorce

Child custody: Whether you are the primary physical custodian or the nonprimary caregiver, our law firm will ensure that your custody rights are protected. We can discuss options in physical and legal custody, and help you maintain an important presence and decision-making ability in your children's lives.

Visitation and parenting time: A visitation or parenting schedule is necessary to outline the terms of when the children will see each parent. From regularly scheduled visits to holidays, vacations and birthdays, our law firm will help you create a practical schedule and advocate for your visitation goals.

Child support: In Connecticut, child support is calculated by a statutory formula that takes into account a wide range of factors, including but not limited to percentage of custody, parental incomes, day care costs, medical expenses and the educational needs of each child. Our Enfield child support attorney will help you understand your rights and responsibilities in child support matters. We will also help with child support enforcement matters.

Relocations and modifications: Even after your divorce is finalized, there are still opportunities to modify child custody, visitation and child support if there has been a significant change in circumstances. If you or your spouse seeks to move out of state with the children, if the child support-paying spouse has lost a job, or if one of your children has increased medical expenses, a modification may be granted. Contact our firm to learn how we will help you promote or defend against a relocation or any other form of modification.

Enfield Child Custody Attorney

Facing a legal issue does not have to feel overwhelming when you work with the right attorney. Contact our law firm at 860-818-2508 to discuss your matter with an experienced Enfield lawyer.

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