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Enfield Divorce Attorney

The Process Of Divorce

Divorce is one of the most difficult life events that you can go through. Not only do you face the end of a significant relationship and numerous heightened emotions, you also have to transition into life as a single individual again and will face a range of complex legal issues in the process.

At The Law Office of Alyssa S. Pershan, LLC, we are here to help you weather the storm when ending your marriage. While we offer practical and realistic advice about your rights and options, we also know that you need supportive service during this difficult time. At each stage of the process, we are here to take your calls, answer any questions, and provide guidance from beginning to end.

Division Of Marital Property

Dividing a marital estate during a divorce is one of the most complex and highly contested issues. Our law firm can help you conduct a comprehensive inventory of your marital estate, including real property, bank accounts, retirement and investment accounts, as well as all debts and liabilities.

One of the most important steps will be to determine what is marital property and what is separate. If there are issues of commingling these two, we are prepared to help you trace the assets.

In terms of divorce, Connecticut is an equitable division state. This means the division of property will be fair, but not necessarily equal. Once we establish the ownership of all property, we provide close guidance on reasonable property division goals, and develop a solid strategy to help you obtain them.

Our law firm advocates for negotiated or mediated property settlement agreements, in order to save our clients the time and money associated with trial. However, in the event that a mutual agreement cannot be reached, we are fully prepared to litigate at trial.

Attorney Pershan can also help you address the issue of temporary and permanent alimony. Whether you are the higher wage-earning spouse, or if you are the one seeking spousal support, she will help ensure your financial rights are protected.

Enfield Property Division Lawyer

Facing a legal issue does not have to feel overwhelming when you work with the right attorney. Contact our law firm at 860-818-2508 to discuss your matter with an experienced Enfield divorce lawyer.

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